5″ gauge Buenos Aires and Pacific Railway ‘BALTIC’ tank

This excellent model in 5″ gauge is of a three cylinder design built for the 5′ 6″ gauge Buenos Aires and Pacific Railway by Robert Stephenson Ltd. in  about 1930. These 4-6-4 tank locomotives were used on the suburban services of this railway and were certainly a very hansom design.

The model is well detailed and certainly looks like the full size engine shown in the picture I have included.Awarded a Very Highly Commended certificate at the 50th Model Engineering Exhibition at Wembley as well as being shown at the Midlands model engineering show in 1981.

This is a full three cylinder piston valve model  and is of substantial size and weight which will give an excellent model for passenger haulage if that is what is required. There is past boiler history with this model, the last hydraulic test running out in April this year, however there is apparently a steam leak from the boiler near the fire hole door which requires repair before an inspector would be happy to supply new certification. If you are interested in this model I will give you a full explanation of what is required to repair this problem. Water supply is from two injectors and an axle pump, there is no hand pump fitted. Cylinder lubrication is from a mechanical lubricator with three individual pumps one for each cylinder so there is no chance of any cylinder suffering oil starvation. There is even a steam turbine generator fitted to supply power for the lights. This currently also need repair or rewiring and lighting is currently supplied from a battery.

To be supplied requiring repair this model is good value at :-                 NOW SOLD                                        £4750.00

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