1.5inch scale ALLCHIN traction engine ‘ROYAL CHESTER’

This model is built to the popular design by W.J.Hughes for this 1.5 inch scale model.  Complete and in full working order with current boiler certification and past boiler history this model is different to most of the others in that the livery has been personalized by being painted green instead of the normal maroon. It still looks very attractive and would certainly not disgrace any display area or on show at a rally. The model is fitted with a crankshaft driven water pump together with an injector. also supplied are suitable fittings to allow for the hydraulic test when required.                NOW SOLD                                                                                                                   £4750.00IMG_1593 IMG_1597 IMG_1599 IMG_1600IMG_1594IMG_1598IMG_1601 IMG_1604 IMG_1603 IMG_1602IMG_1595 IMG_1596