1″ scale ‘MINNIE’ project part built

This is a part built model for a 1″ scale MINNIE to the Len Mason design. A lot of very nice work has been carried out to build this model, including a commercial boiler from Blackgates Engineering, for which the constructors test certificate is available. Many of the parts are made to drawing but require final assembly and fitting. The main work still required is to complete the cylinder, valve chest, regulator and assembly of the motion. I have tried to take a number of clear pictures of the parts already made so that you can see them clearly and therefore establish what will still be required.  No drawings or booklet are in this kit.              NOW SOLD                                                  £875.00

I also have a part built model of MINNIE but to 2″ scale if you are looking for a larger project and I will be posting details and pictures shortly. Please contact me if you need further details before then. RW


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