3.5″ gauge ‘TICH’ project 0-4-0 locomotive

I have recently acquired this almost complete set of component parts for this model of LBSC ‘TICH’ design. Salvaged from the workshop of a deceased model engineer I have no history of when the items were built but with some careful cleaning and restoration I think someone could quite quickly complete these to a fully working model. The boiler will require work to complete but what has been built looks sound and the chassis does turn over but will need a strip down,clean and reassemble to insure it runs freely. Further work would be required to add the necessary fixtures and fitting to the boiler and plumb up  the necessary pipework. Having looked further at the parts that I have these include most of the regulator,superheater, firehole door,blower pipe work,ash pan and grate. So a number of the other parts required for completion are included.          NOW SOLD                       £495.00     IMG_4545 IMG_4548IMG_4567IMG_4568IMG_4569