5″ gauge ‘SWEET PEA’ narrow gauge locomotive

Recently returned to us, this model was sold by us last August and the description  and pictures are mostly from then. there has been very little change in the overall condition as the model had litttle use during the last ownership.

This 5″ gauge ‘SWEET PEA’ is built to the standard Jack Buckler design with castings supplied by Blackgates Engineering. The model has seen regular use until a couple of years ago and was often run at the Sweet Pea Rallies. The model is in full working order with current boiler certification.  The model is supplied together with a bogie riding truck built to a high standard and fitted with coal space and a water tank to supply the twin injectors on the model. A hand pump is also fitted to this truck and there is an axle pump on the model. A mechanical lubricator is fitted to the model for cylinder lubrication. The riding truck has a hand brake working on all axles and is built with several items made in stainless steel . An alternative seat is available which takes out the water tank and coal space if the truck were used with a tender locomotive. Alternative side panels are also supplied to cater for various raised track configurations. The riding truck has also been modified to allow use on a ground level track. I am only selling this as a complete package, locomotive and truck.      NOW SOLD                         £3995.00                       DSCF2346 DSCF2353 DSCF2354 DSCF2355DSCF2347DSCF2348DSCF2349DSCF2350DSCF2352DSCF2351DSCF2356DSCF2358DSCF2357DSCF2359DSCF2360DSCF2361