2.5″ gauge ‘FAYETTE’ Pacific locomotive.

Built to LBSC design for this Freelance PACIFIC. This model has the more unusual Walschaerts’ valve gear running the outside cylinders. Fitted with a double acting water pump and tender hand pump for water feed. This model now has full certification on the boiler and runs extremely well on the rolling road.         NOW SOLD                                                                       £1495.00   DSCF8194 Fayette DSCF8196 Fayette DSCF8197 FayetteDSCF8202 FayetteDSCF8201 FayetteDSCF8203 fayetteDSCF8204 FayetteDSCF8205 FayetteDSCF8198 Fayette DSCF8199 Fayette DSCF8200 Fayette      DSCF8206 Fayette DSCF8207 Fayette