3.5″ gauge LMS ‘BLACK 5′ Project

This is a well advanced model being built to LBSC’s ‘DORIS’ design for an LMS ‘BLACK 5′ 4-6-0 mixed traffic locomotive

The locomotive chassis and tender would both appear to be complete and to a reasonable high standard of construction. The motion is complete and moves freely with a very nice finish to the rods etc,some minor surface rust is present on some items and should easily clean. The boiler would appear to be complete and already has some fixtures and fitting which can be seen in the pictures. The regulator is fitted although the control rod to the back head is not there. A start has been made on construction of the super heater elements but these are not finished. A chimney and dome are required with casting available from the major suppliers.Final plumbing and suitable cladding for the boiler are still required. I could supply a set of drawings with this project.          £1695.00


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