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‘NODDY’ A Hot Air Engine


This hot air engine is similar in design to the marble type Stirling Engines, working on the principle of heating the air at the end of the test tube full of close fitting ball bearings this expands pushing the bearings down the tube and rocking the test tube on its pivot. This pushes warm air …

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‘GEORGINA’ Over crank engine.


Built to the design for ‘GEORGINA’ by Tubal Cain this model was again built by Mr.R.Roebuck of Guildford. Built from casting and other materials, this would appear to be the next stage in Mr Roebuck’s model building career after the two miniature oscillator engines. Complete and painted with a perspex cover to keep off the …

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Horizontal Oscillating Cylinder engine with vertical boiler


Another of the model from the collection built by Mr.R.Roebuck of Guildford. This one is dated 1986 and is a small oscillating cylinder horizontal engine with an associated vertical boiler. Built in copper, brass and stainless steal the model is mounted on a nice inlaid wood base and is currently rigged up to run on …

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Small Oscillating Cylinder engine


This is a small oscillating cylinder version of a vertical engine. Mounted on a small brass base with nicely engraved columns on which the engine is mounted. Made from brass and stainless steel by the builder Mr.R Roebuck back in the early 1980’s this is probably one of his first model engine. The engine is …

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STUART ‘MAJOR’ Beam Engine


Built up from castings and drawings supplied by STUART MODELS this engine has been built to a high standard and exhibited on two occasions at the Midlands Model Engineering Show in 2007 and 2010. Now for sale this large beam engine model will make an excellent talking point in any home or office with suitable …

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Large Scale Stationary Steam Plant


This is a very smart larger scale model of a horizontal steam engine with a flywheel of 11″ diameter, a bore of approx. 2″ and a stroke of approx 3.5″ together with a vertical coal fired boiler which stands at 27″ to the top of the chimney and is 6.5″ in diameter. there are 50 …

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