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Carry truck for GOKART


This is a slightly modified truck on pneumatic wheels and tyres originally built to carry a GOKART to and from the race start area to your pit location. Might make a useful trolley for someone with some further modification or even be returned to its original use.                                                                                                                                 £30.00 …

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Sack Barrow


This barrow is almost new and arrived with the Polly 2 shown elsewhere on this is in reasonable order and may well be of use to someone in their workshop for moving items.                                                                   £25.00

3.5″ gauge ‘COLUMBIA’ castings for American 4-8-4 tender locomotive

These casting are for this American 4-8-4 tender locomotive design by Martin Evans and when built will give a substantial model in 3.5″ gauge ideally suited to considerable hard work. Although this model is in 3.5″ gauge the end result is almost as big as a 5″ gauge Pacific. as it is built to scale …

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3.5″ gauge ‘JUBLIEE’ 2-6-4 tank castings

This is a FULL set of castings for this popular tank locomotive in 3.5″ gauge which gives you a powerful model in this gauge with reasonable haulage capacity. These castings are currently listed by Reeves 2000 at over £700 so I am listing these at a lot less than  that at :-        …

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3.5″ gauge ‘Princess Marina’s

I have at least three of these models in various stages of construction, two have almost air running chassis with part built boilers. The third one is at a much earlier stage on the chassis and still requires quite a lot of work to complete the cylinders and motion. I do however have a part …

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Various castings.

I have a considerable collection of sets and part sets of castings for various models. If there is something in particular that you are looking for then please inquire. I do know that I have castings for ‘SPEEDY’, ‘SIMPLEX’, ‘SWEET PEA’, ‘ROB ROY’, 3.5″ ‘TICH’,3.5″ ‘BRITANNIA’ . Prices would be by negotiation subject to what …

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