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Carry truck for GOKART


This is a slightly modified truck on pneumatic wheels and tyres originally built to carry a GOKART to and from the race start area to your pit location. Might make a useful trolley for someone with some further modification or even be returned to its original use.                                                                                                                                 £30.00 …

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Small Road Trailer


This is a small road trailer with opening tail gate. The construction is fully galvanized but some rusting has occurred on the hitch. nine inch diameter wheels with good tyres and plastic mudguards. The dimensions of the body are width 80cms, length 120cms and 30cms height. A suitable tailboard is fitted with lights and indicators …

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Sack Barrow


This barrow is almost new and arrived with the Polly 2 shown elsewhere on this is in reasonable order and may well be of use to someone in their workshop for moving items.                                                                   £25.00

Staking Tool


Design to allow vertical  setting of taps to a work piece to insure the hole is tapped square. The tool is fitted with a Jacobs chuck and is very simple to use and extremely useful when you have one, particularly so for the smaller taps used in model engineering. The chuck will take items up …

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Record No. 3 Engineers Vice


This vice is in nice condition with good jaws and has certainly never been abused. salvaged from a workshop before the house was sold.this vice is quite large with 4″ jaws and needs to be mounted on a substantial bench. Just taking space in the workshop at present as I have two others in use.                                                   …

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‘STUART’ Steam Boiler Feed Pump castings

A set of castings for this boiler feed pump model still in the original Stuart packaging but is missing the steam chest cover. This could be obtained from Stuarts as a spare of if you are sot fussed to have the cast in ‘S’ then an ordinary piece of material could be used as a …

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3.5″ gauge ‘COLUMBIA’ castings for American 4-8-4 tender locomotive

These casting are for this American 4-8-4 tender locomotive design by Martin Evans and when built will give a substantial model in 3.5″ gauge ideally suited to considerable hard work. Although this model is in 3.5″ gauge the end result is almost as big as a 5″ gauge Pacific. as it is built to scale …

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3.5″ gauge ‘JUBLIEE’ 2-6-4 tank castings

This is a FULL set of castings for this popular tank locomotive in 3.5″ gauge which gives you a powerful model in this gauge with reasonable haulage capacity. These castings are currently listed by Reeves 2000 at over £700 so I am listing these at a lot less than  that at :-        …

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7.25″ gauge four wheel Passenger truck.

I also have this four wheeled truck which looks like a long wheel base coal truck.suspension provided by plumbers block unit hung from the chassis on coil springs. This truck is long enough to take two adults, but has no braking system. This is a sit astride truck and the internal space could well be …

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3.5″ gauge ‘Princess Marina’s

I have at least three of these models in various stages of construction, two have almost air running chassis with part built boilers. The third one is at a much earlier stage on the chassis and still requires quite a lot of work to complete the cylinders and motion. I do however have a part …

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