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5″ gauge ‘SUPER SIMPLEX’ 0-6-0 tank locomotive.


An excellent start has been made to this model with the chassis completed to an air running unit. There is a commercially built boiler from Blackgates Engineering with the original constructors paper work. Drawings and articles about building a ‘SUPER SIMPLEX’ together with a full set of laser cut parts for the plate work and …

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Part Built 2″ scale ‘MINNIE’


Designed by L.C.Mason in 1″ scale this is a doubled up version in 2″ scale. All the work carried out so far has been done by a retired tool maker and the quality is excellent just look at the picture showing the fit of the die block in the expansion link. The boiler was built …

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1″ scale ‘MINNIE’ project part built


This is a part built model for a 1″ scale MINNIE to the Len Mason design. A lot of very nice work has been carried out to build this model, including a commercial boiler from Blackgates Engineering, for which the constructors test certificate is available. Many of the parts are made to drawing but require …

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3.5″ gauge ‘TICH’ project 0-4-0 locomotive


I have recently acquired this almost complete set of component parts for this model of LBSC ‘TICH’ design. Salvaged from the workshop of a deceased model engineer I have no history of when the items were built but with some careful cleaning and restoration I think someone could quite quickly complete these to a fully …

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2.5″ gauge ‘TOBY’ 0-4-2 freelance tank locomotive.


This is an excellent start for anyone to this quite powerful 2.5″ gauge tank locomotive to the design by Steve Eaton.There is an air running chassis with slip eccentric valve gear, a complete marine style boiler built by S.Eaton and supplied with a club hydraulic certificate. Also included in the parts are a footplate,cut out …

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5″ gauge G.W.R. 43XX ‘MOGUL’ Chassis frames and castings.


There are a set of chassis frames and castings for this excellent GWR design from KENNION’S for a 5″ gauge MOGUL. This makes a very practical tender locomotive with almost the same tractive effort as some heavier 5″  locomotives but in a more compact size. There is a full set of drawings together with these …

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3.5″ gauge LMS ‘BLACK 5′ Project


This is a well advanced model being built to LBSC’s ‘DORIS’ design for an LMS ‘BLACK 5′ 4-6-0 mixed traffic locomotive The locomotive chassis and tender would both appear to be complete and to a reasonable high standard of construction. The motion is complete and moves freely with a very nice finish to the rods …

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5″ gauge Part Built LMS ‘ROYAL SCOT’

005 Royal Scot Project

This part built model in 5″ gauge is being built to the ‘GREENLEY’ design and is a three cylinder model but with slide valves as opposed to piston valves of the other design from Martin Evans. There is a rolling chassis with cylinders installed but the steam chest and valve gear still need completing, however …

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7.25″ gauge LNER A2 Pacific

This model is being built to represent one of the Thompson series of A2 Pacifics with the three set of Walschaerts valve gear. Currently there is a rolling chassis for both the loco and tender, a considerable amount of motion built, including part machined cylinders and quite a lot of work has been carried out …

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040 Charles

             If you require a larger 3.5″ gauge model to complete then this kit of parts  will build into a fine narrow gauge model. Based on the ‘BLACKGATE’S’ design for this class of Quarry HUNSLET the model is just under 82cms long. This design is for ‘CHARLES’ which is the sister engine …

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