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Built to exhibition standards, this model is a true work of the model builder’s art. Construction commence in the early 1980’s with drawings and castings by Reeves and were then supplemented by considerable research and acquisition of many original documents and photographs, of both portables in preservation and pictures of them during their working life. …

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5″ gauge LBSC ‘SPEEDY’ GWR 15XX class locomotive

IMG_2026 Speedy

This is an excellent example of LBSC’s ‘SPEEDY’ design which is an ever popular design with many models running at clubs all over the country.. This model is an excellent example with some additional detail and comes with a wagon to provide coal space and a water tank for the two injectors. There is an …

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5″ gauge ‘POLLY 2′ 0-4-0 tender engine

IMG_2196 Polly 2 PHBR

This is an early ‘POLLY 2 built I think from a kit of parts supplied by J.G.S. CLARKE the original designer of these Polly Models. I will be recommissioning this model in to full working order with current boiler certification as it has sat for a number of years in the owner’s house unused. As …

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7.25″ gauge ‘MIDGE’ or GWR 11XX class 0-4-0 dock tank.

IMG_1483 Midge

An exceptionally well built and finished model to the ‘MIDGE’ design, the model has been completed in the style of a GWR 11XX 0-4-0 Dock Tank locomotive in GWR livery and numbered 1103. Fitted with a commercial boiler manufactured by Southern Steam Services back in 1999 and with historical paperwork on the boiler testing until …

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5″ gauge LSWR ‘KING ARTHUR’ 4-6-0 tender Locomotive

IMG_1826 King Arthur

The builder of this engine took the Martin Evans design in 2.5″ gauge and carefully scaled it up to 5″ gauge. this model has come from the same source as the Argentine tank and American ‘Consolidation’ that I have had previously but this time was of his own construction. Completed in the early 1990’s this …

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3.5″ gauge ‘BANTAM COCK’ 2-6-2 tender locomotive

IMG_1579 Bantam Cock

This model arrived with me just before Christmas and I have given it a visual inspection and have commissioned it in to full working order with current boiler certification.  The model is currently finished in lined green LNER livery    Fitted with an axle pump and hand pump for water feed which meets the test requirements, …

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7.25″ Gauge Kerr Stuart ‘WREN’


This model has been under construction for a number of years and the builder has reach an age where he can no longer complete the model. I have received instructions to complete the minor outstanding work and then offer the model on the market. The model has a John Ellis commercial boiler constructed back in …

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5″ gauge LMS ‘JINTY’ 0-6-0 tank locomotive.


A design of tank locomotive in 5″ gauge which you do not see modelled that often, but quite heavy and powerful like many 0-6-0 tank locomotives were in full size and should have ample tractive effort in model form to cope with passenger haulage, Although complete and certainly running on air nicely in both directions, …

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2″scale Clayton Steam Wagon

2″ scale CLAYTON steam wagon.  We had this model some time ago it is from the collection of models by Mr Pike and built to a really high standard. Still as new having only been steamed to obtain a suitable boiler test, which it now has, the model has been tested and run on compressed …

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2″ scale CLAYTON steam wagon

IMG_1532 Blue Clayton

Another version of this two inch steam wagon model. This one has been regularly rallied by the previous owner and has received several very practical alterations to the original design which have helped with running this model under rally conditions. A hand brake has been fitted, the safety valves altered to a much larger single …

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