Traders in live steam models of locomotives and traction engines in the model engineering scale

Well we are hopefully past the worst of this pandemic and I hope most of you have now received at least one of your vaccinations. I have now had both mine so I am starting to accept visitors, with caution, so if you are wishing to view items then please contact me and make arrangements for your visit. The following paragraphs are a summary of the current situation stock wise which is a continuation from before the latest lockdown. Some of these models have actually just arrived last Friday so pictures etc are now available. Details and prices will follow if the item is not already posted.

I have also been asked by three other clients to deal with the sale of their models and these include another Polly 3, a Sweet Pea, a 2″ scale Fowler traction engine, a 5″ gauge ‘BRITANNIA’, a freelance 4cylinder Pacific in 5″ gauge and two and a half sets of parts for 5″ gauge GWR ‘KING’s. Currently I do have pictures of some of these models which I could supply, together with further details. Any dealing would have to wait until lock down ends on these items as I cannot collect them at this time

   I have now collected as requested from a customer the following models, a ‘JESSIE’ in 7.25″ gauge, NIGEL GRESLEY 2-8-0 in 5″ gauge, a POLLY 3, P/B EVENING STAR from a Winson kit and a 4″ scale RUSTON PROCTOR traction engine also part built and again from a Winson/Modelworks kit. The first three on this list are all almost new models which have seen very few hours on the track and I have past club boiler certification for each of them. They have all been checked over and are awaiting renewal of their boiler paperwork  Another  model to the MAID OF KENT design, with inside cylinders, has just arrived and is another project loco needing completion, with current hydraulic certification on the boiler. more details are available on request.

Further models to have arrived include a part built 5″ gauge ‘Princess of Wales’, a 5″ gauge GWR Dean Single to the P.Rich design also part built together with a 5″ gauge Dean/Armstrong 4-4-0 also to P.Rich design, the later being mostly parts at present. there are drawings with all three of these models to allow completion. Either of the GWR locomotives will be quite unusual models in 5″ gauge. Another project from the same source is a model of a Class 55 ‘DELTIC’. Not sure of the builders final intentions with this model as there is certainly enough drawings and research  for a possible petrol electric model. This will be best to view before making any final decisions and I will publish pictures of the model as it currently is. There are also some part built gauge ‘1’ locos a GWR 2-8-0 tank, Deeley Midland 4-4-0 and a ‘Princess of Wales’ obviously one of the builders favorite locos. Further details of these items on request at present.

Unfortunately I have withdrawn the ‘Royal Scot’ from sale.  If however you are still after a Royal Scot I do have a couple of part built models which are available but are of the unrebuilt version.

Several 3.5″ gauge projects including a Maisie, a 2-6-2 tank engine and a part built model in 5″ gauge of PIONEER the 0-6-0 tank locomotive design from 1936 have also arrived.

So I hope like me you have been busy one way or another and are keeping safe and well.

If you require details or pictures on any of these models please email us at viewmodels@yahoo.co.uk or phone on the contact number given as I have removed the contact sheet,which had never worked properly.


Please keep watching the site as several other projects will appear soon and there may be something of interest to those of you who like starting with a part built model or restoration.