Traders in live steam models of locomotives and traction engines in the model engineering scale

 Since the last update of this home page there has been a surge in items for sale and I am working hard to insure that they all appear on the web site within the next week.  I have now received the following models to sell:-

5″ gauge ‘Princess of Wales’ This is the well known John Walker model which he has now decided to sell as it has become heavier than he is now able to cope with. Not an unusual situation unfortunately as weight is no respecter of age.

5″ gauge ‘POLLY 2′ A very nice model which has seen little use since completion some years ago and then only used on the owners personal track. I will be recommissioning this model to full working order. Will be an excellent starter model for someone wanting to become involved in model steam.

5″ gauge model to LBSC’s ‘SPEEDY’ design for this GWR 1500 tank locomotive. Built to a high standard and commissioned in to working order by the previous owner, who also built a scale wagon to run behind the loco as a coal wagon and water supply for the loco’s injectors.

An exhibition quality 1.5″ scale model of a MARSHALL PORTABLE. This model was started by the builder back in the early 1980’s an requires final finishing. Much additional research was carried out by the builder into these portables to insure that the model was as near as possible an exact replica of the full size engine. I think the pictures will confirm this view.

An exceptional model  in 7.25″ gauge built to the ‘MIDGE’ design but completed to represent the GWR 1102 class of dock tank which comes complete with a suitable driving truck to provide the coal space and water supply for the injector. The truck also contains a hand pump as the second source of water feed.

3″ scale BURRELL traction engine and riding truck. The model is built to the PLASTOW design and will be commissioned in to working order before sale. Fitted with a copper boiler this model has not seen much use since completion due to medical problems of the builder who is however not letting this keep him from his workshop and is currently working on a clock. The builder is an engineer by profession, although now retired, and built many of the motion parts in stainless steel. He had intended to repaint items which have become a little scruffy but this work would considerably improve this model although it can be used as it is with no further work if you so wished.

    Also just arrived is a 7.25″ gauge model of RAINHILL together with a 7.25″ gauge truck fitted with a disc brake and suitable as a riding truck. Further stock additions include another of the ever popular model ‘SWEET PEA’ together with a 2″ scale Traction engine built as a road locomotive which requires restoration.

Two 5″ gauge restoration projects have also come in to stock a Quarry HUNSLET which is well advanced on the restoration and an 0-4-0 Sweet Pea which had been stripped for a repaint and requires reassembly and  possible addition of some suitable water storage. Had been built with a tender so could be used with this rather than the addition of side tanks or the saddle tank of the original design.

PLEASE NOTE THAT THE PRICE OF THE NER T2 Locomotive in 7.25″ gauge has been seriously revised at the request of the owner. This part built model by Alan Priest need to be viewed to truly appreciate the high standard of workmanship.

Several 3.5″ gauge projects including a Maisie,another Bantam Cock and a 2-6-2 tank engine and a part built model in 5″ gauge of PIONEER the 0-6-0 tank locomotive design from 1936 have just arrived.

Details of these items will be available shortly but please enquire if any are of interest.

Finally the owner has at last decided that I should arrange the sale of the Glasgow and South Western Railway ‘BALTIC’ tank that arrived with me some considerable time ago.

Full details and pictures of some of these items are now on the site.


I am also currently assisting with the cataloguing and assessment of a quantity of  ‘gauge 1′ and ‘gauge 2 ‘ models which includes complete and part built models of locos and rolling stock together with track and other accessories. Should you have any interest in model in these gauges please let me know and I will supply further details.


Please keep watching the site as several other projects will appear soon and there may be something of interest to those of you who like starting with a part built model or restoration.


If you require details or pictures on any of these models please email at viewmodels@yahoo.co.uk or phone on the contact number given and we will respond.