Traders in live steam models of locomotives and traction engines in the model engineering scale

Last update I commented about being in to SPRING well we are now fast approaching SUMMER and I am sitting here looking out the window at heavy rain and a serious thunder storm. I hope those of you who have experienced these weather conditions over the last few days are recovering without too many traumas.

I am still working towards having some of my models in running order for this season and hope to be around with either my 7.25″ gauge ‘IMMINGHAM’, 5″gauge KING ARTHUR or the 3.5″ gauge New York Central J3A Hudson

The 7.25″ gauge ‘Standard Gauge’ project has now arrived and full details are available on request for this model of an NER railways class T2 0-8-0 tender locomotive.Please enquiry further if this might be of interest.

Other new items include a 7.25″ gauge ‘WREN’ to the Ken Swan design, this is a ‘NEW’ model which we are just commissioning, two models to the Maid of Kent design one with inside cylinders,and the other with outside cylinders. The latter is a ‘new ‘ model requiring completion. I have also acquired a stationary steam plant consisting of a very nice vertical boiler and a  large horizontal mill engine,this looks a bit like the Stuart ‘Victoria’ but is at least double the size. Other items include a 5″gauge KING ARTHUR to the Henry Greenley design, this is another model not the one I have mentioned previously above, and a 3.5″ gauge ‘Princess Royal’ to the Clarkson/Jackson design. Full details of these are due shortly.

An unusual locomotive which is currently in the market place and for sale is a 7.25″ gauge ‘CRAMPTON’  2-2-2-2 ‘LIVERPOOL’  if you are interested in this model please let me know and I will supply further details and pictures.

I am also currently assisting with the cataloguing and assessment of a quantity of  ‘gauge 1′ and ‘gauge 2 ‘ models which includes complete and part built models of locos and rolling stock together with track and other accessories. Should you have any interest in model in these gauges please let me know and I will supply further details.


Please keep watching the site as several other projects will appear soon and there may be something of interest to those of you who like starting with a part built model or restoration.


If you require details or pictures on any of these models please email at viewmodels@yahoo.co.uk or phone on the contact number given and we will respond.