Traders in live steam models of locomotives and traction engines in the model engineering scale

Unfortunately I will not be attending this years MIDLANDS MODEL ENGINEERING EXHIBITION over the period  19th to 22nd October due to other family commitments.

 I have had another busy period of late with several of the ‘NEW’ items selling quite quickly so they are now marked up as sold and another new batch of items will appear shortly to include the CHUBB which is only awaiting a steam test, a POLLY 5 and riding truck and a well advanced ‘SUPER SIMPLEX’. I have subsequently added a 3.5″ GWR ‘COUNTY’ class 4-6-0 model to stock, this is almost complete but would require painting, as well as an exceptional ‘HEILEN LASSIE’ finished as Great Northern in the stunning blue livery and lining it had for a short period.

An unusual locomotive which is currently in the market place and for sale is a 7.25″ gauge ‘CRAMPTON’  2-2-2-2 ‘LIVERPOOL’  if you are interested in this model please let me know and I will supply further details and pictures.

I am also currently assisting with the cataloguing and assessment of a quantity of  ‘gauge 1′ and ‘gauge 2 ‘ models which includes complete and part built models of locos and rolling stock together with track and other accessories. Should you have any interest in model in these gauges please let me know and I will supply further details.


Please keep watching the site as several other projects will appear soon and there may be something of interest to those of you who like starting with a part built model or restoration.


If you require details or pictures on any of these models please email at viewmodels@yahoo.co.uk or phone on the contact number given and we will respond.