Traders in live steam models of locomotives and traction engines in the model engineering scale


The 2017 season is now under way and we have had many club having there first and sometime subsequent public running days. The model traction engine world is now well into their rally season. Several customer have taken advantage of the newer items in stock and these have already been delivered ready for the season and others are about to depart.

New items of stock which will be on the site very shortly include a small 0-4-0 in 5″ gauge to the ‘CHUBB’ design, also a 5″ ‘AJAX’ together with an 1.5″ scale traction engine to the ‘ROYAL CHESTER’ design.

I have also received instructions to sell three models to the SWEET PEA design,these are all different and will be on the site shortly. Also new is a model in 3.5″ gauge based on LBSC’s MONA built to a high standard as a Rhymney Railways 0-6-2 tank


Please keep watching the site as several other projects will appear soon and there may be something of interest to those of you who like starting with a part built model or restoration.


If you require details or pictures on any of these models please email at viewmodels@yahoo.co.uk or phone on the contact number given and we will respond.